Veteran Talent Program Training Vault

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Program Management Topics

Components of effective veteran recruiting programs

OFCCP Veteran Compliance Requirements explained

How To Leverage Tax Credits for Hiring Veterans

Creating Training Programs to Recruit Veterans

Develop Vet-specific Sponsorship and Mentoring Programs

Develop & Grow Veteran Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)

Military Culture Topics

Personal and financial accountability in the military

How military experience compares with a college degree

Autonomy and initiative in the military

Recruiting Topics

Why Veterans Struggle Writing Civilian Resumes

Understanding Military Grades and Ranks

Overview of Enlisted Military Training & Education

Tools to Help You Translate Military Occupations

Using O-net to Reverse Crosswalk Civilian and Military Job Occupations

Guidance on Interviewing Veterans

Salary Expectations of Recently Separated Military

Asking Veterans to Self-Identify – Who is a “veteran”?

Sourcing Veterans via Military Relocation Benefits

Free Methods of Sourcing Military Talent

DD-214s and Types of Military Discharges

Licensing and Certification in the Military

National Guard and Reserve Topics

Employing Guard & Reserve – Employers & USERRA

What’s the Difference Between Military Training v. Mobilization v. Deployment?

Military Leave Of Absence – Supporting Your Guardsman/Reservist Before, During & After LoA

Veterans with Disabilities Topics

What Does “Service Connected Disabled Veteran” mean?

Post Traumatic Stress in the Workplace

Accommodating Disability Including PTSD and TBI

Retention Topics

Common Veteran Transition Frustrations